Alongside our partners we develop, finance and build solar projects across Europe. Our team includes specialists who can identify potential locations for solar power facilities.

Development of solar projects

For every project, we work to identify the optimal solution, including securing the land and establishing the grid connection, designing technical solutions.

Greenbuddies Energy CZ

Greenbuddies has entered into an agreement with international investor and developer Langa International for the development and construction of solar power plants in the Czech Republic in 2023. The total investment in solar projects will amount to almost 100 million EUR over the next 5 years, and the cooperation may extend to other countries of the EU. The project uses unused areas and aims to increase the energy security of the Czech Republic. The companies plan to search for potential solar projects with a capacity of up to 10 MW and provide all stages of the project up to construction and commissioning.

Greenbuddies Energy BV

The joint venture, founded together with investor STEAG Solar Energy Solutions, is based in Eindhoven and the project development team led by Jos Schlangen is engaged in the construction of ground-mounted photovoltaics in the Benelux countries. Established in 2020, the entity is responsible for a number of large (10 MW+) solar projects in the development phase.

ib vogt Czech

In 2021, Greenbuddies entered into a cooperation agreement with German company ib vogt to form a joint venture that aims to develop a total of 500 MW of installed photovoltaic power plants on the ground in the Czech Republic within five years. They are looking for sites for projects larger than 50 MW. They are going through every step of the process from finding suitable land to preparing the project to the ready-to-build stage.

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