Greenbuddies Charging - the future of high-capacity battery storage

Greenbuddies Charging - the future of high-capacity battery storage



The topic of storing renewable energy is one that is now receiving a lot of attention, and Greenbuddies Charging is certainly not falling behind. Together, let's get a grasp of the BESS concept and Greenbuddies Charging's activities related to battery storage.

The utilisation of battery energy storage systems (BESS) makes it possible to store energy from renewable resources like solar and wind power for later consumption. When there is insufficient electrical generation, such as during periods of peak demand or when there are grid breakdowns, this energy can be used.

In the case of a grid breakdown, battery storage may also serve as a trustworthy backup to ensure that crucial industrial and infrastructure facilities continue to run. Additionally, BESS can be used, for instance, to lower your monthly or annual contracted capacity with your electricity distributor.

Large capacity battery storage container

Here is a brief summary of the partnership between Greenbuddies Charging and Enposol and ENERGON Advanced Energetics, which provide large-capacity battery storage systems that stabilise transmission systems, store excess distribution system and renewable electricity, and offer dependable backup during grid outages.

We are able to produce large-capacity battery storage systems thanks to our collaboration because it will not only enable the development of new technologies and solutions to satisfy the rising demand for renewable electricity, but will also allow us to solve current energy storage difficulties.

Electrical installation and assembly is one of the additional separate activities that Greenbuddies Charging performs in the BESS region. We have gathered invaluable knowledge from actual implementations in Germany when our customers have purchased the BESS systems themselves.

Because of this, we are able to offer the services of our skilled teams and complete electrical work and tasks associated with the installation of large-capacity battery storage systems provided by a third party.



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