Solar carports - the future of clean energy

Solar carports - the future of clean energy



As demand for electric cars and charging infrastructure grows, so does interest in solar power generation. Photovoltaic plants built on the roofs of large car parks, called carports, are the most efficient form of renewable electricity generation for this purpose.

With rising energy prices, as well as the Green Deal's support options, many investors are planning new field parks and projects on the roofs of industrial buildings, and even the unconventional solar power plants on water and carports that are the focus of this post.

technical design of a carport

With the European Union announcing plans to end the sale of fossil fuel cars by 2035, more and more car companies intend to start producing electric cars in the coming years, if they are not already doing so. Even so, electric cars have faced criticism for the fact that their fuel is produced in thermal power stations, which emit harmful substances into the air, or in nuclear reactors.

However, some solar energy providers claim that the solar panels on the roof of a garage produce enough electricity for a car to travel 12,000 kilometres a year on solar power. This cheaper energy may start to pay for itself after the equivalent of the 50th to 60th fill-up of a tank of gasoline.

According to proponents of renewable energy sources that could power electric cars, other price developments speak in favor of wind and solar power. While petroleum fuels are likely to become more expensive, the cost of solar panels and renewable energy generation is falling. This also means that many companies are building carports and adding EV charging stations to their infrastructure to generate power for their corporate fleets of EVs or sheltered parking spaces at supermarkets for the use of their customers.

Lutzmannsburg carports, pricture taken by drone
Lutzmannsburg carports, pricture taken by drone at night


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