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Q&A with Greenbuddies

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In this article we will introduce some of our Buddies. How do Project & Delivery Buddy Jakub Vrtiška, Engineering Buddy Ľubomír Orosi, or HR Buddy Tereza Malá evaluate their time working at Greenbuddies?

Jakub Vrtiška


  • Tell me how you first got involved in with Greenbuddies

I became involved with Greenbuddies after coming across a job opportunity that sparked my interest in renewable energy. My initial project was managing a significant, 130 MW ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant, which involved navigating through the complexities of Dutch bureaucracy and finding creative solutions to challenges. This experience solidified my commitment to the renewable energy sector.

  • What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

I enjoy cross-country skiing and participating in amateur races. Recently, I conquered the Vasaloppet for the second time, which is a challenging 90 km race. My motto is: “I always cross the finish line.”

  • As a part of the PV team, what sorts of trends do you see?

I've observed several interesting trends in solar energy:

  • Transparent solar panels function like windows but also generate electricity, offering both sunlight and power for your coffee maker.
  • Solar paths propose the idea of walkways doubling as solar panels, merging fitness with renewable energy.
  • Energy storage batteries are becoming popular for storing energy from solar panels for use when the sun isn't shining, acting like a power bank for solar energy.
  • Solar fashion introduces the concept of solar panels being incorporated into stylish clothing and accessories.

These trends, whether practical or fun, highlight the bright future of solar energy.

Tereza Malá


  • What do you find most challenging about your job?

I joined Greenbuddies after parental leave, and initially, I was worried about whether I could balance work and my son in a way that I could say I was giving both the deserved attention without any guilt – that was a personal challenge for me. At the same time, I was entering a company operating in a field that was completely unknown to me at the time, so the first few months presented a significant professional challenge to get oriented in the solar industry and the energy sector as a whole.

  • What was your first impression of Greenbuddies?

From the first days, I was amazed at the pace at which my colleagues managed to work every day. I was welcomed by a very friendly and approachable team, including the owners, who made it clear that we are all equal and pull together. In the time I've been here, we've nearly doubled in the number of colleagues, but this spirit still persists.

  • What do you do when you aren't working? 

Outside of work, you might find me somewhere with my son, enjoying good coffee, great food, visiting a gallery, or on a trip in my beloved Brno. However, I also cherish moments completely alone, on a walk in the forest, at home with a book in hand, or at my writing desk engaging in, I admit, a somewhat old-fashioned hobby, postcrossing.

Ľubomír Orosi


  • What do you find most challenging about your job?

The photovoltaics sector is evolving dynamically, necessitating keeping up with all the trends and, importantly, legislative regulations (laws, decrees, standards), especially in my role as a photovoltaic designer at Greenbuddies.

  • What's your personal philosophy on what should be done in the Renewables/Solar industry?

I believe it's crucial to focus more on developing photovoltaic power plant installations in currently unused areas. Utilizing former landfills, which no longer serve their original purpose for waste collection, seems particularly sensible.

  • What would you tell someone who is thinking about building a PV plant?

Let's do it! We can design the project, secure the necessary permits, and, crucially, construct it.

  • What do you think will change in the PV world over the next five years?

I expect solar panels to be more integrated into building aesthetics, particularly into window glass. The trend towards flexible panels suggests they might also find applications in facades, thereby becoming an integral part of architectural designs.



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