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Q&A with Greenbuddies

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Dear readers, The other day I counted all our internal Greenbuddies employees: at the turn of 2021/22 we welcomed our 50th colleague, today we have 56 team members and at the end of this year we will probably be working with 60 Greenbuddies team members in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

It is not possible to name every member here, but let us introduce three of them:

Sales Buddy Jan Spudil - is a new addition to our sales support team, entering his final year of study at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague.

Chief Consulting & Development Buddy Petr Štajner - a senior manager with 25 years of experience in infrastructure development in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Chief Procurement Buddy Petr Janda - experienced purchasing manager with many years of experience in procuring technical equipment for some of the largest companies in the Czech Republic.

Read their answers to our questionnaire below!

Jan Spudil

Jan Spudil

  • What trends do you see as a member of the FVE team?

Very early on, people started to realise that investing in solar power plants is a good way to protect savings in times of high inflation and at the same time offers a certain degree of independence from the volatility of the energy market.

  • Tell me about someone who influenced your decision to work with Greenbuddies?

Vladimir Putin with his attack on Ukraine - there is a need in Europe to get rid of dependence on Russian gas.

  • What advice would you give to someone thinking of building a photovoltaic plant?

Let them build it, because the return on investment is favourable given current energy prices, and the more energy self-sufficient businesses and households we have, the better.

Petr Štajner

Petr Štajner

  • What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about building a photovoltaic power plant?

I would tell them to stop thinking and start the project immediately!

  • If you could change one thing about the solar industry, what would it be?

All the approval and permitting processes just take too much time. Speeding it up would benefit everyone.

  • What do you think will change in the PV world in the next five years?

I am not sure if it will actually happen, but I would like to see a much stronger market position for European component and technology manufacturers.

  • What do you do when you are not working?

I mainly travel and play sports, but I would like to do more...

Petr Janda

Petr Janda

  • What surprised you most about working with Greenbuddies?

I like what I would call the "start-up culture" that the company has in its roots. And the associated flexibility in solving problems. Any good idea for improvement is welcome and can be pragmatically implemented.

  • If you weren't at Greenbuddies, what would you be doing instead or what would your life look like?

I would probably work for a company in the financial sector. That was actually the reason I joined Greenbuddies in mid-April. I wanted to try something new in an emerging industry with huge growth potential for the future, and the solar segment is definitely that.

  • What do you do when you're not working?

I usually spend my free time outdoors and also like to play tennis, swim or cycle. In the winter I ski and snowboard. I also like history, especially focusing on the 20th century. Lately, however, I don't have that much free time.



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