Q&A with Greenbuddies

Q&A with Greenbuddies

Q & A
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As our Greenbuddies team in the planning and construction section grows each month, we'd like to introduce you to our newest additions with the following questionnaire.

Development Buddy Jan Pavlík - expansion expert with experience in large corporations

HR Buddy Helena Ciglanská - experienced HR manager who focuses on recruiting new "Buddies" and taking care of our growing team

Sales Buddy Ondřej Větrovský - a versatile salesman with experience in the media industry


Find out more about Jan, Helena and Ondrej by reading their answers to all our questions.

Jan Pavlík

  • What surprised you the most about working with Greenbuddies?

For over 20 years I worked for multinational corporate companies where you spend most of your working time fighting for your position. There are processes, guidelines and spreadsheets for everything. Getting any idea through is a long haul. At Greenbuddies, they listen to what you have to say and without delay someone responds and addresses it with you.

  • If you could change one thing about the solar industry, what would it be?

Definitely the legislation in CR. Everything else is already figured out. Building the plant is basically the shortest part in the whole process. And at a time when the pressure for cheaper energy is increasing enormously, unfortunately the state administration is not reacting to current developments and therefore delaying implementation.

  • What do you do when you're not working?

I try to spend time with my family. When I have time, I watch a nice movie or a TV show. I like to cook and travel.

Helena Ciglanská

  • What was your first impression of Greenbuddies?

Friendliness, cohesiveness, openness, professionalism.

  • Tell me about someone who influenced your decision to work with Greenbuddies?

The words of co-owner and CFO Ondřej Vodsloň that the product of Greenbuddies is people, so we have to take care of them. This HR "policy" works well for me as HR.

  • How would someone describe you?

Different ways. Last time it was a tsunami 😊

Ondřej Větrovský

  • What was your first impression of Greenbuddies?

They are professional, friendly and open people who enjoy what they do.

  • What is your personal philosophy on what should be done with the renewable energy/solar industry?

Accelerating legislation for communities, creating an environment for independent and self-sufficient households and communities.

  • What message would you give to someone considering building a PV plant?

Don't hesitate to go for it!



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