Maximising the performance of rooftop PV

Maximising the performance of rooftop PV

Roof projects


The quickest solution to reduce electricity costs is to cover your own consumption with a rooftop PV plant. Commercial real estate investors are also becoming increasingly aware of this fact. To maximize electricity production, it is advisable to incorporate the requirements of a future rooftop PV system already in the detailed design of a production or storage hall.

One such model project is the Dagab food logistics centre in Balsta, near the Swedish capital. The 65,000 m2 flat roof is designed entirely according to "PV rooftop ready" rules.  The main area is free of any obstructions, i.e. the technologies are placed island-style to avoid shading of the PV panels (ideally, the technologies should be placed towards the northern edge of the buildings). Due to the use of an east-west system, another element that contributes to maximising the output per m2 is the appropriate location of the drainage channels and the direction of the roof pitch.

Balsta rooftop project in Sweden

Three years ago we used to build 1 MW on the roof in 10 people per month. Thanks to an ideally designed roof and choice of components, we built almost 9 MW in a record 3 months. The main reasons for the fast construction and therefore the early commissioning are: picking up the material on the roof by helicopter and distributing it evenly across the roof as close to the installation site as possible, while using JA Solar 535 Wp jumbo panels of 2285×1135 mm and placing them on the Esdec mounting system.

Our team has installed over 25 different roof mounting systems, so we can practically confirm that Esdec FlatFixWave Plus is the fastest substructure on the market. The biggest advantage is that the substructure is pre-assembled and just needs to be unfolded and settled into place. FlatFixWave is the only structure that assembles without the use of power hand tools, no screws or panel clips. There is no need to check the tightening torques of the panel attachment screws or other screw connections. Using FlatFixWave ensures a quick and flawless installation, without the need for lengthy torque wrench checks.



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