Looking Back at the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich

Looking Back at the Intersolar Exhibition in Munich

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In the third week of June, nearly the entire staff of Greenbuddies’ Prague offices temporarily relocated to Munich, where the world's most significant solar industry fair, Intersolar, was held. The event, part of Smarter E Europe, took place in 19 exhibition halls, with Intersolar occupying 10 of them. The fair attracted 3,008 exhibitors from 55 countries and 110,000 visitors from around the world.

Greenbuddies exhibited at Intersolar for the third year, and this year we again emphasized thorough preparation, not just in booth design and placement, but in researching potential customers among the exhibitors and arranging pre-scheduled meetings with them and our existing clients. Over three days, more than 150 meetings took place at our booth, involving our entire sales team.


Insights from Technological Innovations

The fair is not just about sales but also about purchasing and presenting innovations from suppliers. Our engineering and procurement colleagues attended the event, diligently visiting exhibitors and observing many new and special solutions.

A new trend is the development of mounting structures that do not require roof penetration, but are instead ballasted at the edges—manufacturers like Sflex and BKSolar. Renowned manufacturers like Aerocompact and K2 Systems introduced new systems for mounting PV panels on facades.

"Everyone is adapting to more atypical installations—more manufacturers now offer flexible or lightweight panels. Structure manufacturers are coming up with solutions for various, less common types of roofs, such as ballasted or bitumen sloped roofs. Huawei now offers optimizers for commercial installations. We are also seeing initial attempts to combine traditional silicon panels with perovskite, which could increase panel efficiency to over 30% compared to the current approximately 24%, while maintaining the same panel size," summarizes Jan Kroneisl, head of Greenbuddies’ Engineering department.



Battery Systems – A Major Theme of the Fair

Battery systems (BESS) were a major theme and were a common topic in many of our booth meetings. Significant grid fluctuations and the possibility of disconnecting PV plants during times of energy surplus drive demand for BESS, which are linked with the construction of new photovoltaics and help mitigate the irregularity of renewable energy production. Advances in technology and streamlined production have significantly reduced battery prices, by as much as 20% year-over-year, with further price drops expected in the coming years. Advances in Battery Management Systems (BMS), such as improved algorithms, predictive analytics, and real-time monitoring capabilities, increase the efficiency, safety, and reliability of BESS. These advances allow for more effective management of battery lifespan and performance, leading to longer lifespans and reliability of installed systems.

Second-life batteries, which have reached the end of their automotive usefulness but still retain about 70-80% of their capacity, also garnered significant attention. These batteries can be used in stationary systems in combination with renewable energy production, such as wind and solar energy, and/or to provide services to the electrical grid.

We thank everyone who met with us and look forward to further cooperation! We are already starting to prepare for the next Intersolar, which will take place from May 7-9, 2025.



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