Greenbuddies were involved in a photovoltaic power plant spread over several rooftops

Greenbuddies were involved in a photovoltaic power plant spread over several rooftops

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Our Greenbuddies team worked for more than 9 months on the construction of a large photovoltaic project in Belgium. With a total capacity of 23 MWp on different roof levels, carports and on the surface, the investor - a global player in the steel market, from stainless, electrical to special steel - will consume at least 97% of all energy produced directly at the site.

Our team has already built dozens of megawatts on rooftops across Europe, but this time we - together with our customer - had to overcome entirely new obstacles. You can judge for yourself.

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Obstacles the Greenbuddies team had to overcome:

  • Long DC string routes (because the inverters are located in only two nests on the ground next to the substations) - the longest single string route is 400 m.
  • The PV panels are located on the roofs of variously tall production halls (building heights from 15 m to 35 m).
  • The safety of the work was at a very high level. Often the roofs had to be worked on in harnesses for safety reasons.
    Cables were even routed through two cable trays connecting the production halls - the work was carried out from high-lift platforms.
  • The planning required early preparation and daily coordination between the manufacturing company and EPC and the installation partner (our responsible construction manager), as the hall had to be closed for short periods of time while the material was hoisted onto the roof by crane.
  • Due to the nature of the production area, a variety of machinery was used, ranging from a rotating telescopic handler to truck cranes and all-terrain platforms.
  • The work took place over a period of almost 9 months (from May 2021 to January 2022) as the roof cladding was being renovated at the same time.

The photovoltaic installation installed in the province of Limburg has a total capacity of 23 MWp with an annual energy production of 20.3 GWh. The result will be 7300 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions, equivalent to the emissions of 5900 average households. The investor has received financial support (green certificates) from the Flemish government for this project.

Thanks to this successful completion, we were awarded a very similar project in Italy at a truck manufacturer's factory.

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