Greenbuddies' Expanding Footprint in Scandinavia

Greenbuddies' Expanding Footprint in Scandinavia

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Despite the challenges posed by natural conditions, such as daylight hour variability, Scandinavian countries are making significant progress in creating new renewable energy sources. In addition to traditional wind energy plants, there has been a notable rise in new photovoltaic plants, supported by new technology, government incentives, and a growing awareness of the importance of renewable energy.

This momentum has led to substantial growth in Greenbuddies' pipeline in Northern Europe over the past three years. In the last year, we have seen the trend of a frantic growth of PV projects, similar to the situation in the Netherlands three years ago.

In the second half of last year, our teams worked on five large rooftops in Sweden, with a total capacity of 29 MWp for our clients, which are the biggest EPC companies in the region. Among these installations, the largest one situated northeast of Stockholm in Bålsta stands out as the largest rooftop PV in Sweden and even one of the largest installations of its kind in Europe with its impressive 8.9 MWp capacity. Spanning over 80,000 m2 and featuring 16,000 PV modules, the components were transported to the top using helicopters, as this was the most economical and efficient way to do so. Additionally, several freefield projects are also underway in Sweden and Denmark, with two freefields with the total capacity of 10 MWp currently under construction in the South of Sweden and more are planned to start in the fall. 

Greenbuddies has also expanded into Finland, marking the addition of a new market to our yellow map. Presently, three projects are being installed along the route from Helsinki to Tampere, including two rooftops and one freefield.


Rooftop in Sweden


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