Greenbuddies established cooperation with the PENNY Markets

Greenbuddies established cooperation with the PENNY Markets

Roof projects


The use of photovoltaics is not only a profitable solution for households, but also an important source of financial optimization for companies. More and more companies are choosing to reduce their electricity costs by installing a photovoltaic system. Gaining energy independence in an environment of constantly rising energy prices is an important way to reduce a company's costs.

It is no wonder then that the largest discount chain in the Czech Republic, PENNY, has decided to install photovoltaics on the roofs of its stores across the country. A number of stores have already installed solar technology and dozens more are planned, including a store in Prague's Ládví district. The average output of these rooftop installations is around 70 kWp.

PENNY market store

PENNY decided to handle the project in Prague - Ládví with us in the form of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), which means a complete solution where GreenBuddies handles everything from initial administrative services to planning, ordering of materials and installation of photovoltaic panels and other accessories. The pre-implementation phase in these cases involves the aforementioned planning, both of the power plant itself and of the entire electrical installation. It also includes the work leading to obtaining a building permit and approval from the electricity distributor to connect the PV installation to the grid.

For the two projects that are now in the pre-implementation phase, the plan is also to install battery systems that will allow more efficient use of solar energy. The batteries store the "excess" electricity generated by the panels, increasing the energy capacity and allowing the energy to be used at night or on cloudy days. They are therefore ideal for shops that, for example, have to keep their freezers on overnight.

Together with our colleagues at PENNY, we expect the first site to be ready for implementation during the first quarter of next year. Delivery and installation of the individual projects will then get underway fully with the selected contractors over the coming months.

Carbon footprint tracking as part of non-financial reporting and the broader concept of corporate social responsibility in Czech companies is still far from being the norm. PENNY has decided to follow suit and invest significant resources in this area. We at Greenbuddies are proud that our colleagues at PENNY have chosen our company for the preparatory phase of their project and we firmly believe that we will be able to offer them effective support during the implementation phase.



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