Greenbuddies equip the roof of Unipress with 250kW photovoltaics

Greenbuddies equip the roof of Unipress with 250kW photovoltaics

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The decision to install 652 solar panels on its roof will help Unipress in Turnov to become more energy self-sufficient and save energy. The installation of the 410 Wp panels began at the end of February by Greenbuddies.

The solar power plant produces 250 MWh per year, which is almost a third of the printer's annual energy consumption. At a price of CZK 9,844 per MWh, this represents a saving of CZK 2.5 million for Unipress in the first year of operation. The printing plant in Turnov can thus boast not only the latest printing technologies, but also an environmentally friendly approach.

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"We are now glad to capitalize on our rich foreign experience from similar projects in the Czech Republic. Places such as rooftops or unused spaces of brownfields are ideal areas for companies to install a photovoltaic power plant and thus ensure partial energy independence. In the Unipress solar power plant project, we provided a complete turnkey solution so that the client had no worries. The project documentation phase, all permits and component purchases have been completed, and now the construction begins, followed by the commissioning of the delivered technology," informs Aleš Spáčil, Chief Sales Buddy Greenbuddies, about the project.

David Svoboda, Director of Unipress Turnov printers, adds: "We expect the return on the entire investment within a few years, depending on the economic situation. In addition, the energy generated will come purely from renewable sources. With an annual consumption of 818 MWh, the solar panels will save Unipress 30% of its total consumption. We already believe that the project will help us to be more competitive, more economical and, above all, more environmentally friendly."



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