Greenbuddies Charging team continues to grow

Greenbuddies Charging team continues to grow

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At the beginning of March 2021, Mr. Pavel Vycpálek joined our project management department. We decided to interview him for the current issue of our newsletter.

As our business grows, so does the need to add more quality colleagues to our team. Human capital is our main asset. It is therefore no wonder that we pay maximum attention to the selection of suitable candidates and their training.

Hi Pavel, I remember very well that when we started talking about your future involvement with Greenbuddies Charging (GBC), you were working as a Quality Engineer in the automotive industry. What did that position actually entail and what parallels did you observe there with your current position with us?

Yes, I have worked as a Quality Engineer - Customer Service Specialist for the last 15 years. This meant that I was responsible for several customers (Audi / Porsche / Lamborghini / Bentley / Daimler / Wabco / Scania / ZF) in the product segment of switches manufactured at the TRW Benešov plant, for the last two years the company was called BCS-AIS Benešov. The main focus was on solving switch complaints via portals or on-site at automotive plants. The next step was sampling and introducing new switches directly to the car plants or to the steering wheel manufacturers.

I saw more of a parallel with my current role at GBC with my previous position at TRW, where I worked in the new projects department. This meant arranging everything regarding a new project (product) at the parent plant (production line/technology/workflow, etc.) with the Program Manager who worked at our controlling plant in Germany, where the entire engineering team was also based.

What was the most challenging work situation you were in before Greenbuddies and how did it turn out?

There have been an awful lot of those situations in my 29 years at TRW and it's hard to say which was the most precarious.

So maybe my first and last business trip to Tunisia to work for a steering wheel manufacturer. Upon arrival in the capital Tunis, I rented a car, drove to my hotel in Monastir and the next day drove to the designated address of the manufacturing plant. I preferred to leave a little earlier and the navigation led me to a town. However, I did not find the factory. So I went to a petrol station and asked if there was such a thing in that town. I don't speak Arabic and speaking in English was almost impossible. Eventually, my colleagues from Autoliv called me and asked where I was, saying that they were waiting for me at a particular brand of petrol station. I tell them that I am standing at the same brand of petrol station, but we don't see each other. So we sent a picture of my car and the location via Whatsapp. In the end we found out that we are about 30 km apart. So I got back in the car, drove back and they were waiting for me just in case at the entrance to the town. In the end, the visit went well and both parties were happy.

You've now had a month and a half working for GBCH, so what are your impressions so far? What has surprised you pleasantly and conversely what did you really not expect at all?

I have to say that I was surprised by a very friendly and nice team with whom it will definitely be nice to work with. And what surprised me - everything is completely new to me, so I have to learn. I had some knowledge about solar energy, but most of the other things are new to me.

I'll give it to you that you live in a medium-sized city just outside of Prague (after all, there are more of us like that in Greenbuddies). What advantages or disadvantages do you see for yourself?

I have lived in my hometown since birth and I am happy here. I have everything close at hand here and when I need to soak up the big city, I get in my car and I'm there in 30 minutes.

What subjects did you enjoy most at school?

At school I liked history and especially PE because I'm sporty. My biggest interest is football, which I have played from the age of 6 until now.

The Coronavirus pandemic is perhaps too much of a topic now. Still, let me ask - what about you and COVID?

COVID - it's one big unknown for all of us. It takes a thousand different forms and attacks everyone differently.

I myself also went through the disease last fall and it was not pleasant. Initially I had two days of fever and after testing positive. This was followed by 13 days of unpleasant fevers, and on the last day a breathing problem was added. Eventually it turned out that I had suffered bilateral pneumonia, followed by a CT scan, which additionally revealed a pulmonary embolism. I was immediately transferred to the Covid ward where I spent 7 days on IVs, antibiotics, vitamins and minerals. And I had to use an oxygen mask all day. By some miracle and the good care of the doctors, I was discharged home in relatively good condition after 7 days. After that I was home sick for two and a half months. Now I will have a 3 week stay in a spa to get my breathing back to normal.

Can you tell us something about yourself that you haven't told anyone?

I'd like to keep that to myself.

Pavel thanks for the interview, we wish you good luck and success in Greenbuddies Charging.

Pavel Vycpálek


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