Greenbuddies Charging helped Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg to turn the sun into electricity!

Greenbuddies Charging helped Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg to turn the sun into electricity!



Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg is one of Europe's leading spas for children and infants. However, thanks to numerous slides, a park landscape for sunbathing in the outdoor area with dozens of attractions and natural shade, the Relaxation World and the sauna area, young people and adults will also find something to enjoy at the Sonnentherme.

In order to make efficient use of the available parking areas in Sonnentherme to generate energy, it was decided to build a photovoltaic system and carports. The building includes a total of 454 covered parking spaces, which not only produce green energy but also provide protection for vehicles from the sun and precipitation. We are very proud to have built not only the largest photovoltaic carport in Austria, but also one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in the country ever.

Lutzmannsburg solar carports, pricture taken by drone

The challenge for the Greenbuddies Charging team, on behalf of E-König from Bad Völslau, was not only to build the project, but also to organise and carry out the complete planning, purchase the necessary materials together with participating in the negotiations for the building permit and finally to complete the project in several construction phases, including all work on the DC electricity.

Despite several difficult circumstances, such as the retrospectively prescribed environmental drainage, the COVID-19 shutdown in Austria, the Suez crisis and the associated delays in the supply chain, the ongoing operation of the Sonnentherme during the holidays and the need for full parking capacity, we can look back on the project with pride. All of the difficulties that are inevitable with a project of this size and complexity were resolved to the customer's full satisfaction and the project was completed on schedule before the end of 2021. We have once again shown that we are "The Unstoppables"!

At this point we would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation and completion of the project and we hope for a fruitful and successful cooperation on future projects.


  • Construction period: March to October 2021, full operation from December 2021.
  • Rain gutter system designed by Greenbuddies Charging, which looks very elegant and is suitable for a carport.
  • A futuristic LED lighting system designed by Greenbuddies Charging, including implementation and installation.
  • Implementation of the prescribed feed-in limit of 50 kW: Contractor Gantner.
  • Coverage: the system covers approximately 30% of the electricity needs of the Sonnentherme and the Sonnenpark Hotel.
  • Self-consumption: approx. 99 %
  • Total investment: approx. EUR 2.5 million
  • This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
Lutzmannsburg carports, pricture at night in detail


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