Green Hydrogen as a solution to energy surpluses

Green Hydrogen as a solution to energy surpluses

Alternative Energy Sources


Our Greenbuddies team in the Netherlands is dedicated to the development of large-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic resources and is currently embarking on the initial phase of projects aimed at producing hydrogen from energy surpluses. Collaborating with partners in the transport sector, we are exploring the potential application of this produced hydrogen to alleviate congestion issues on the distribution network.

Chief Sales Buddy, Aleš Spáčil, highlights, "This innovative approach effectively tackles energy surpluses and the associated grid congestion problems, which are poised to grow as electrification rates soar. In addition to expanding grid capacity, solar and wind power developers are increasingly considering alternative forms of electricity generation. On-site hydrogen production, along with large-scale battery storage, is emerging as a promising solution." Hydrogen, often referred to as the fuel of the future, gains particular attention in the realm of alternative vehicle propulsion.

One of our projects, located in the Dutch municipality of Zevenaar, investigates the financial and technical viability of installing electrolysers to convert excess power into hydrogen. Several of these sites are strategically placed along major transport routes, presenting significant potential for direct hydrogen utilization in the transport sector. Aleš Spáčil emphasizes, “While small installations like these lay the groundwork for more economically efficient solutions in the near future, they come with their unique set of challenges. Unlike standard solar installations, obtaining project financing and the higher capital expenditure demands are some of the hurdles. Continuous operation of the electrolyser is essential for a return on investment, necessitating the use of buffer batteries or an external grid connection to ensure uninterrupted hydrogen production during periods of low solar generation.”

Despite the challenges, we take pride in our involvement in these pioneering projects across Europe. Aleš Spáčil underscores, "The future of hydrogen as a fuel source remains uncertain, but this journey provides us with invaluable experience."



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