GBCh kick-off meeting in the new year 2023

GBCh kick-off meeting in the new year 2023

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Last year, and especially the second half of it, was a very busy one for our entire collective at Greenbuddies Charging. We continued to develop our business relationships and implement agreed orders with existing and new customers and partners, mainly in Austria and Germany, but also on the Czech domestic market.

We have had a number of discussions with the suppliers of the technologies we use to install our solutions so that in the current turbulent times we are always able to deliver optimum value for money to our clients. In addition to the traditional areas, i.e. rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaics and charging stations for electric vehicles, we have also seen increased interest in solar carports and battery storage. These are all segments where, together with our technology suppliers and other partners, we have something to offer in all our target markets.

Greenbuddies meeting

Our forecasts for 2023, based on an analysis of the overall situation in our industry, assume continued very strong demand growth. In order to be able to cope with the increasing volume of work in all aspects, we have decided to organise an exit meeting of our entire team on 9 and 10 January. Given the enforced absence of face-to-face meetings over the last two years, this was a welcome opportunity to finally meet our colleagues from Vienna and Amsterdam in addition to focusing on key topics. One of the important objectives was of course to deepen the relationships between individual colleagues working in sales, sales support, implementation, engineering and purchasing.

I am very pleased that our invitation was also accepted by our Dutch colleagues, with whom we will try to focus more intensively this year on the Benelux region, which, in our opinion, has great potential for integrated solutions in addition to its own photovoltaics, which our company offers within the Greenbuddies group.

Our meeting agenda was very full: on Monday afternoon we met in the conference room of the Tanzberg Hotel and focused our discussions mainly on the product and technical aspects of our projects. After the approximately 3-hour seminar, we of course had to take advantage of the choice of location and continue our discussions in one of the local wine cellars. There we had secured a tasting of the results of the work of one of the local winemakers, so not surprisingly it was a very enjoyable and useful evening at the same time.

Greenbuddies teambuilding

On Tuesday morning we went to the headquarters of our Austrian business partner, Business Natives, in the administrative centre of Peak Vienna. Thanks to the hospitality of our Viennese colleagues, we then spent the main part of the day in a representative meeting room on the 25th floor with a beautiful view of Vienna. Discussions revolved around the exchange of accumulated experience between the different departments, we discussed ideas for improving cooperation and communication, familiarised ourselves with the work plan for this year and beyond, and addressed a number of other topics.

In short, we left Vienna with a very good feeling that we are all on the same page for this year and ready to pull together. I firmly believe that this will be reflected in the high quality of our work and then especially in the satisfaction of our clients with our services. We look forward to a successful collaboration with you all in the new year!


Aleš Damm

Chief Charging Buddy

Greenbuddies teambuilding
Greenbuddies teambuilding, room
Picture with a view on the city
Greenbuddies meeting
Greenbuddies meeting


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