First completed projects for Swedish Svea Solar

First completed projects for Swedish Svea Solar



Over the past year, Greenbuddies has been working hard to expand its presence in the Scandinavian countries, which are currently experiencing a major renewable energy boom. Particularly in Sweden's photovoltaic sector, we are beginning to tap into this potential through the collaboration with Svea Solar, the leading solar solutions company in Sweden and the third biggest in Europe.

We are currently pursuing our common goal on several projects. In our work, we face the usual climatic challenges of the north, mainly frost and snow. But this is balanced by the strong support for photovoltaics by all stakeholders, as renewables are a big trend among the Nordic countries. 

The first of the completed contracts is the large Agerum-Skogsmusse project. This is a ground-mounted PV project with a total installed capacity of 8.7 MWp. Due to the client's satisfaction with our speed of construction, we immediately agreed to install another project, the Flishult ground-mounted solar power plant with a capacity of 1.8 MWp. This is located in difficult terrain with a slope where major modifications and construction interventions were required. Despite this, we managed to complete the job within the agreed-upon time. Both projects are now in the completion phase and will soon start generating green solar power.

The Greenbuddies teams are also currently working with Svea Solar to install two other ongoing projects in Sweden. These are the Tangen project with a future capacity of 6 MWp and the Hova project with a capacity of 5.6 MWp. The Hova project will not only produce solar energy but also food. This is because it is agrivoltaics - solar panels specifically built on agricultural land. These types of projects are designed so that they do not restrict the tilling of the soil or the sowing and harvesting of crops.

All of the projects that Greenbuddies teams are installing in cooperation with Svea Solar include the following work: ramming piles into the ground for the mounting systems, mechanical installation of the underlying PV structure, installation of the PV modules, and installation of the DC power.

Due to the popularity of photovoltaics in Sweden, we are also in negotiations with Svea Solar for additional PV projects to be carried out in the coming months. We are pleased that despite the more challenging weather conditions, our partnerships in the Nordic countries are expanding and that we can count Svea Solar among our satisfied Scandinavian partners.

První dokončené projekty pro švédské Svea Solar
Pozemní solární elektrárna realizovaná Greenbuddies ve Švédsku


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