Eleven PENNY stores will now save up to 40% of energy thanks to photovoltaics

Eleven PENNY stores will now save up to 40% of energy thanks to photovoltaics

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In July, we began installing 11 photovoltaic power plants for the discount chain PENNY. The construction of the rooftop photovoltaics covers both existing and new stores in the Czech Republic. The systems will also include battery storage facilities that will take care of the accumulation of the surplus energy produced.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in helping the discount chain PENNY meet its strategic sustainability goals," comments Aleš Damm, co-owner of Greenbuddies Charging. The solar panels will be gradually installed on the roofs of eleven PENNY branches in Prague Ládví, Skutč, Charvátská Nová Ves, Jindřichův Hradec, Přibyslav, Milevsko, Beroun, Polná, Benešov, Chodov and Krumvíř. Thanks to the delivery of our solar systems, the percentage of stores with installed photovoltaics should rise to 10% of the stores in the entire sales network.

"The installed capacity of all solar systems will range from 70 to 100 kWp, with the number of panels to be installed most often between 175 and 250. In the case of the Ládví store in Prague, we are talking about installing 190 panels, which will generate around 65 MW of electricity per year. This means that more than 26% of the total electricity consumption of the store will be covered, and in the summer months, this value will even exceed the 40% mark," says Aleš Damm, explaining the technical parameters of the solar systems, which will be implemented in the first wave, which began in June this year.

PENNY market store with PV pannels

Drasko Lazović, PENNY's Managing Director responsible for the construction and modernization of the sales network, commented on the investment, "We currently have photovoltaic systems in our stores, which generated 630 MWh of electricity last year alone, and we expect that thanks to solar energy we will increasingly reduce our consumption of electricity from the public grid in the coming years." The discount chain hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 117 tons per year from each PV system installed, equivalent to burning around 32,356 liters of diesel.

PENNY market store


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