Cooperation with Sunman lightweight solar panels

Cooperation with Sunman lightweight solar panels

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A significant number of roofs of industrial buildings in Europe have not yet been able to install rooftop solar power plants, as the building permits for roofs do not allow the installation of standard rooftop systems due to the high weight load of such systems. Since the summer of last year, we have been testing and investigating options to address the possibility of installation on buildings with lower static load capacity.

Since the end of last year, Greenbuddies has been installing Sunman flexible panels in Germany, Italy, the Benelux and most recently in the Czech Republic, which elegantly solves the problem of the static roof loads thanks to the low weight of the panels themselves and the absence of a conventional mounting system.

“Sunman Energy is a technology company delivering the future of Solar. Through the research and development of composite materials, we have successfully commercialized the world’s first glass-free, lightweight, and flexible Panel – eArc. Replacing glass completely, eArc brings solar power to markets and applications scenarios that were previously impossible,” claims Gabor Veraart from Sunman.

Sunman rooftop project

“eArc is the world’s first glassless solar module. An innovation combining proven crystalline silicon solar cells with our patented composite material, eArc has the same durability and robustness of conventional glass modules. However, unlike glass: this type of panel is akin to a flexible “solar skin”, 70% lighter and up to 95% thinner. This type of panel requires no penetration or mounting equipment during installation, cutting time-on-site by 40%. It is also easier to transport in bulk – up to 60% more kW per pallet. The use of these panels is very wide, especially those the glass modules cannot service,” adds Mr. Veraart.

Sunman sees eArc as a core-enabling technology that will expand the market and deployment of solar. Moreover, it is paving the way for new innovations, gaining momentum in cross-market applications such as building materials and robotics.

This system is a great opportunity for Greenbuddies, so we are looking forward to installing the Sunman system on your roofs!



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