Bike Ports - solar-powered shelters for cyclists with the possibility of charging electric bikes

Bike Ports - solar-powered shelters for cyclists with the possibility of charging electric bikes



The popularity of electric bikes is growing around the world and so is the need to charge them. It can happen that the battery runs out during a trip, and then it is good if there is another solution than to continue the journey using only human power. Even if there is an electrical outlet available (e.g. at a restaurant during lunch), the cyclist may not be completely out of luck if they don't have the right charging adapter with them. And what about when even that electrical outlet is not available in the middle of nature.

In the middle of the countryside, a solar bike shelter with integrated solar modules and battery storage is ideal for charging your bike despite the absence of mains electricity. In addition, this shelter protects from the weather and not only the cyclist does not have to sit in the rain while charging, but also the passing tourists can use it. The battery can be used to power anti-vandal surveillance cameras, vending machines, or the operator can allow mobile phones to be recharged. It is then up to the operator to choose a suitable form of monetization of the whole device.

banner for bikeports with a cyclist on the road

The bike port can be made of different materials to best suit the natural conditions. The individual components related to the power plant are ingeniously integrated into the design of the entire shelter so that, for example, the roof is made up of only photovoltaic modules and no additional roof insulation material is required. This shelter can be built in so-called island operation, where the PV modules supply electricity only to the battery storage and where the shelter is not connected to the grid. Of course, it is also possible to connect this bike port to the grid and send any surplus to the grid, thus guaranteeing a faster economic return on the entire project.

The shelter can be optionally supplemented with covered tables, chairs and other equipment to best serve the desired purpose. The bike port itself can be installed virtually anywhere with frequent cyclists and is an ideal resting place for those who need it.

Bike ports can also be supplemented with lockable bike boxes that offer secure bicycle storage while charging. After a tour of a castle, chateau or a visit to a leisure centre, the tired cyclist can pick up their means of transport at full strength and reach their destination with minimal effort.

photo of bikeport with a parked bike


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