Greenbuddies complete a 1 MWp carport for Adiwatt in Belgium

Greenbuddies complete a 1 MWp carport for Adiwatt in Belgium



Greenbuddies Charging teams, in collaboration with installation systems manufacturer Adiwatt, recently completed a solar carport project in Belgium. The implementation involved the construction of 7 rows of carports with a total PV capacity of 1 MWp, with a unique design allowing dual vehicle parking under one canopy, increasing parking capacity.

The construction of the "Centred Column" solar carports was carried out on concrete foundations prepared by Adiwatt, which ensured efficient collaboration and the smooth running of the entire project. Greenbuddies teams then carried out the assembly of the carport structures and the installation of the 2,148 photovoltaic panels. 

The different rows of carports vary in size, with the longest row exceeding 67 metres and the shortest reaching 34 metres, with each carport designed with a 10-metre spacing and a minimum height of 220 cm and the PV panels having a 6-degree inclination.

Efficient use of car parks for solar energy production

This project is located in a car park on an industrial park and is a great example of carports in practice. Another use of solar carports, especially for the needs of corporate customers, is in the car parks of hotels, manufacturing or logistics halls, shopping centres or large car parks near motorways, airports, sports stadiums and so on. This way, one area is used twice and at the same time it makes the visit to the location more pleasant for visitors and their vehicles, especially in bad weather. 

In practice, carport developments are often supplemented by the installation of high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles, used by employees and other members of the public.

Greenbuddies provide expert delivery of carports

Our installation teams have extensive experience of installing carports or similar structures in a number of European countries, notably Austria, Germany and Belgium. GreenBuddies can provide the entire carport construction project from A to Z in the role of general contractor. On the domestic market, we are also able to fully provide the preparatory phase preceding the actual implementation, i.e. we will procure all the necessary permits, secure the necessary zoning permits, develop a complete technical solution for the power plant and charging infrastructure and deliver a complete turnkey solution to the client.

In the field of carports, we cooperate with leading European manufacturers, including those from Germany, Austria, Portugal, France, the Czech Republic and Hungary. We also provide all the necessary materials for our customers, and are ready to prepare a feasibility study and installation of the battery storage.



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