4.4 MWp project in Wijchen, the Netherlands - Greenbuddies' largest rooftop photovoltaic project in 2021

4.4 MWp project in Wijchen, the Netherlands - Greenbuddies' largest rooftop photovoltaic project in 2021

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This project is located on the roof of the DHL building in Wijchen in the east of the Netherlands. It is one of 13 rooftop projects Greenbuddies has worked on in the country in 2021.

It was a flat roof, which this time was not challenging in terms of the specification of the building or the shape of the roof, but was interesting and challenging in terms of its dimensions. This size is not that different from other roof installations that our company has done, but other installations, they were split across multiple roofs of one owner. This installation, however, is exposed on the roof of a single building (one rooftop unit).

Wijchen rooftop project in Netherlands taken by drone

It was a 4.4 MWp solar power plant. The DC installation of the project, which was the responsibility of the Greenbuddies work teams, included the installation of 10,632 photovoltaic panels, 25 combiner boxes and 25 inverters.  The SADEF East-West Landscape design was used. We were able to do the DC installation of the project, unusually large for a rooftop structure, in just 3.5 months.

Comparing the number of panels on this building to publicly known numbers from solar energy statistics gives a better idea of the size of this project. For example, in 2021 Greenbuddies worked on over 40 PV projects across the European Union and the average size of the plants built that year is 2.8 MWp. In total, Greenbuddies built more than 100 MWp of solar power plants that year. For comparison, the Czech Republic installed a total of 62 MWp of PV in 2021, which is approximately 14 plants of the same size as the Wijchen project.

To get an idea of the size of the installation, take a bird's eye view of this rooftop installation in the attached video.



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