2022 is dead, long live 2023!

2022 is dead, long live 2023!



A non-nostalgic look at the passage of time. The absence of nostalgia is pragmatic, but a look back in time can reveal facts rather than emotions. The PV market in Europe has taken off again, so let me point out a few things.

  • Europe implemented the first major national subsidy initiatives resulting from the Green Deal.
  • According to SolarPower Europe, 41.4 GW of solar installed in the EU in 2022, a 47% increase from the 28.1 GW installed in 2021.
  • Europe's largest photovoltaic plant, the 590 MW "Francisco Pizarro" project in Extremadura, Spain, has been connected and commissioned.
  • Greenbuddies had a very strong presence in three of the five largest European solar markets in 2022: Germany (7.9 GW), Spain (7.5 GW), Poland (4.9 GW), the Netherlands (4.0 GW) and France (2.7 GW), where we installed 600 MW.
  • The Czech Republic (our home market) has emerged from the complete downturn it has been in since 2012, with over 250 MW installed and a forecast of 2.5 GW of new plants next year.
Greenbuddies group project statistics

By shifting our focus 50:50 to Czech EPC projects and pan-European projects of varying complexity, we are implementing our strategy to help key European players achieve their climate targets in the coming year.

Between 2017 and 2022, we tripled our annual statistics quite quickly, but with the current state of the solar market, we are now going vertical!

Have a pleasant reading of our newsletter and the attached Market Footprint documenting our implementations since the beginning of the group.


Aleš Spáčil

Chief Sales Buddy

Greenbuddies group project statistics
Greenbuddies statistics


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