Střešní FVE realizovaná Greenbuddies

Mladá Boleslav

Roof projects

2 MWp

Hala M12L (437 kWp)

PV modules: 1120 x 390 kWp 

Inverters:  4 x SolarEdge

Mounting system: Q-CELLS East/West

Hala U6C (531 kWp)

PV modules: 1328 x 400 Wp

Inverters: 5x SolarEdge

Mounting system: Van der Valk East/West

Hala U51 (1170 kWp)

PV modules: 3020 x 390 Wp

Inverters: 10 x SolarEdge

Mounting system: Q-CELLS East/West


This project for the installation of more than 5 000 photovoltaic modules with a total nominal output of 2 138 kWp on the roofs of three warehouses at the Škoda Auto plant in Mladá Boleslav included a complete installation, including the supply of components and connection to the distribution network. The expected annual production is approximately 2 GWh of emission-free electricity per year, which will cover roughly half of the total consumption of the site. This step towards carbon neutrality by 2030 is part of Škoda Auto's concept, and the project, worth almost CZK 60 million, was financed by ČEZ ESCO.

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