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Using Solar Energy – this is a way for us to “be in balance with nature” to ensure better future to our planet

Greenbuddies is a professional service provider in engineering, constructing and operating rooftop, agricultural, industrial and free field utility-scale Solar PV systems.  Although young, since the end of 2017 we have delivered construction of hundreds of megawatts which are now connected to the power grid in various locations in Western Europe. We work in a position of a large installer or a midsize EPC offering products and solutions for the transition to green energy as well.



Our teams are able to deliver in a professional manner complete PV design according to the contemporary standards (ramming plan, table plan, trench plan, Single Line Diagram (SLD), string plan, etc.).

Project Management

We provide Project Management of all our Projects, boost teams to optimize team loads & expertise, coordinate with Clients, while we can provide Project management as a stand-alone activity.


Although clients often purchase components, our procurement department may – upon client request – provide smart sourcing across the market using skills in tendering

Civil Works

Civil works, trenching, fencing, etc. are usually the first steps of free field park installations. To do that we use different machinery of our clients but we can also provide it ourselves.


Utilising our own ramming machines, or rented ramming machines we have a suite of 6 machines to serve the projects of the clients. If the screwing needs to be performed we rely on our partner company from CZ to fix the structure.

Construction & Modules

Our staff fixes the underconstruction using accu tools and torque wrenches, the speed of the module mounting depends on the size, type and features of the modules (poly/ mono/thin film, 60/72 cells, bifacial, solar edge ….etc.) but can be even 120 pannels per person.


Our staff can cope with standard DC up to 1500 V, and can do all the DC side of the construction (cabling, stringing, connection to the invertor …), subsequent measurements and can do also install the monitoring and pull the AC cable out of the invertor.

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“Efficient Project Management is essential for keeping the prime quality, timing and budget of the Construction.”


Orteco HD 800 ramming services are available for PV Projects, Road Barriers and other applications.
In case of need, don’t hesitate to check with us the availability of the machine and request a quote on a “per point” basis.

Piledriver HD 800 crawler


Hammer power:950 J
Engine:Hatz 3L41-C
Pile max. diameter 
and max. lenght:210×210 mm; 4.50 m
Weight:3.900 kg


Step 1
Draft Plan
Experienced Buddies prepare a Draft Plan of Preventive Maintenance steps according to manufacturers’ recommendations and industry standards.
Step 2
Client’s Approval
We consult the Draft Plan with a Client to obtain approval of the umbrella O&M and the Client.
Step 3
Once the Draft Plan’s been approved it becomes an Implementation Plan which shall be used by Greenbuddies team during individual implementation steps on main technology systems:
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We can either provide a service as:
complete service including the management or just a tailor-made aproach on specific activities within the preventive maintenance

  • PV modules
  • Inverters
  • Transformers
  • Support structures and trackers


Greenbuddies also provide – close to the German or Austrian borders – Corrective Maintenance.

Within a distance of 4-6 hours, depending on the Service Level Agreement of the master O&M it pays off to hire Greenbuddies if something goes unexpectedly wrong with the PV plant.

PV plant failures are documented and corrected based on the best industry standards. We can use report formats our Client is used to or provide our own.

Optimization of Plant Performance

Our most experienced Buddies analyze data collected from the PV plant system in order to propose hardware or software optimization to our Clients.

Such actions bring a quick payback to the Client.
We offer the possibility of outsourcing IRR calculations of your projects by our analytical team to provide proper analytical feedback of the optimization effects to the performance of your PV projects.

Based on your CAPEX and OPEX studies our Buddies may provide you with comprehensive information regarding the impact of maintenance activities on your project performance, including DCF model calculations.

Examples of Constructed Plants

Greenbuddies completed more than 92 MWp of plants in 2018 and in the last 12 months, i.e. between April 2018 and March 2019 grew to 122 MWp of constructed PV plants.

This huge success would not be possible without our great and ambitious
clients with the same philosophy as our teams.

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1.35 MW
Complete installation
10-2018 | Germany


0.75 MW
Complete installation
02-2019 | Germany


0.6 MW
Complete installation
08-2018 | Germany


0.6 MW
Complete installation
11-2018 | Germany


0.42 MW
Complete installation
10-2018 | Germany


0.2 MW
Complete installation
11-2018 | Germany

ReferencesFree field


71 MW
Mechanical completion
08-2018 | Belgium


11.5 MW
Mechanical completion
02-2019 | Holland


7.56 MW
Mechanical completion
07-2018 | Holland


7.5 MW
Mechanical completion
11-2018 | Holland


2.4 MW
Complete installation
11-2018 | Germany

Bad Abbach

1.5 MW
Mechanical completion
06-2018 | Germany
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