Market Footprint 1Q 2021

Good afternoon,

The COVID-19 pandemic has without any doubt affected most businesses around the globe. Some of them in a negative way (e.g. hospitality and tourist industry, airlines etc.), and some ramped up enormously after the initial hiccup in the spring of 2020. Solar business luckily belong to those that are less affected.

At Greenbuddies we mainly noticed a shifting of projects rather than their cancellation. Demand for energy is ever-present and the only way to meet this demand in the foreseeable future while mitigating the environmental impact is through investing in renewable energies.

Probably the biggest impact COVID has had, causing headaches for all budget planners (not only) in the solar field, has been the immense increase of metal and transport prices- resulting in the total cost of PV plants to elevate by tens of percentage points.

Despite the encountered challenges we have delivered over 410 MWp of solar parks over the last 3 years, and we intend to continue increasing this number. Furthermore, we have established ourselves as a strong partner for automotive solutions comprising carports and EV chargers combined with battery storage systems. Details you can see – as every quarter – in our Market footprint.

We encompass:

Partial and complete construction
Turn-key EPC delivery
Professional energy consulting
O&M on freefield, roofs and parking lots

Scale is not an issue either. Amongst our references you can find installations from several hundreds of kWp up to over 130 MWp freefield giants.
We strongly believe we can build the green future together. In case you have any projects that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us or anyone within our team. We will be keen to look at your RFQ and related project documents in order to provide you with the best offer for our services.

Best regards