Greenbuddies tips – October 2020

Electrification project for Engie – Greenbuddies Charging selected for installation services

More than half a year ago we decided at Greenbuddies Charging to expand outside our typical target segment of corporate clients. We were approached by Engie EPS from Italy, which concluded a global framework contract for the supply of electrical installation services for end clients of the FCA Group, including Fiat, Jeep, electromobility support among global brands – basically all prominent players are trying to increase sales of their new electric models by offering additional service packages. In this case, FCA resellers will offer end customers the opportunity to purchase an additional services containing the installation of a specific model of charger from the ENGIE portfolio, supplied by their subsidiary EV Box. In practice, an authorized dealer will offer interested customers desired electric car from the FCA portfolio as well as the opportunity to supply and install a home charger. These are so-called “Wallboxes”, which are typically mounted on the wall in a garage at your home or in the underground parking lots of companies using electric fleets. If the client shows interest, the seller will fill in a basic questionnaire and, based on the information obtained and the electric car model selected, he or she will offer the customer specific type of charger. I would like to emphasize that the offer will be really wide – from the basic Plug & Play version called Easy Wallbox, which does not need professional installation and connects into an ordinary 230 V socket to 22 kW installed power chargers with smart charging control preventing overload breakdowns.
If the client agrees, his/her contact details will be handed over to a certified installation company, which – after going through a pre-check procedure to determine the condition of the electrical infrastructure at the installation site – shall dispatch a technician to carry out the installation itself. At first glance, it looks quite simple, but as you probably guess, it is by far not that trivial. The selected installation company must meet the strict requirements of Engie. Installation technicians must be professionally trained and certified for the installation of the relevant EV Box chargers, authorized Engie partners must based on signed SLA comply with stringent criteria for the timeliness and quality of services provided and, among other things, operate a customer service telephone line.
We are very pleased that Engie EPS has chosen Greenbuddies Charging as its exclusive authorized installation partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To meet demanding requirements of our Italian partner, we chose to team up with our supplier Elexim from Kroměříž, which has over the past three years developed into a major supplier of chargers of various brands in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its clients include major companies from various industries, including e.g. Škoda Auto.
We are currently finishing preparations for this business opportunity and are all looking forward to the official launch of new models of battery or hybrid cars from the FCA portfolio in both our markets. Who would not get tempted to test a brand new battery-powered “Cinquecento” from Fiat or the hybrid Renegade model from the legendary Jeep?
I would like wish our team as many smooth installations as possible and only happy customers!


Project Kemnath

Last month we successfully completed the project in Germany, near the Czech borders by the small town of Kemnath. It was an opportunity to get familiar with MKG substructure on a smaller system of 1,26 MW – and it went really well, the whole project finishing a few days ahead of schedule.
The construction was very well prepared by the client so it wasn’t problematic for us to comply with all the deadlines, which were however quite strict – according to the schedule we were supposed to finish on Saturday and already on Monday commissioning of the first electric part on the DC site was scheduled. Thanks to finishing our work a couple days in advance, all participants were satisfied.
The construction which was used for this project was provided by the manufacturer MKG that has years of experience with construction of solar parks and their construction expertise is proven by the years of its functional use. And so despite the fact that it was our first park with this very specific type of construction from MKG, there was no problem with its completion. Apart from very detailed documentation, the manufacturer also provided their representatives who were very helpful during the first days of the work.
The location where the power plant is located is covered by forest in the north and facing the sun in the south – this allows the maximization of the energy yield. Soil was very soft. This meant the advantage for ramming, which proceeded quite fast, however we needed to minimize the power on the ramming machine not to ramm the piles too deep. On the other hand we didn’t underestimate the preparation and in anticipation of rainy weather, we had prepared the chain machinery, which is absolutely necessary on slippery and muddy terrain.
Above all precise ramming is crucial to a ground-mounted project . Therefore we were personally present during this phase and we were supervising the quality of the work being carried out. Once the mounting of the substructure started, everything went very smoothly. To satisfy the wish of the client and to make sure we would finish within the given time by the end of the construction phase we sent in almost 3 times more workers than had been present during the first days. Thanks to our ability to scale up the workforce when needed and our skills and experience with completion of solar parks, we handed over the powerplant several days before the planned handover date.
Thanks to the happiness of the client with our work we are currently carrying out2 considerably bigger projects for the client.


Presenting a new member of GB team

Jorrit Groen

We are getting more and more involved into the Dutch market: this market is a key market for Greenbuddies since solar is increasing in popularity and strongly subsidized. Therefore it proved we need to have excellent people on ground in Holland to get close on new opportunities . From October this year Jorrit Groen joined the team. He is coming from Solar industry and we believe that he will push our achievements on Dutch, Belgian and Luxemburg markets further.

Aleš Spáčil: Jorrit, may I ask you several questions?
What is the main difference between working for a Dutch company and working for a foreign company?
Jorrit Groen (JG):
Well, since the corona outbreak there is actually no difference, we all work at home. But of course there is the language and cultural difference. Working abroad and working for an foreign company is not new to me. I’ve always liked working with different cultures.
2) What would you do for living if there were no renewable energies?
I’d probably be selling software solutions. I like to sell ‘solutions’ and I like software. But I’d might also still be on Borneo working for a NGO saving the sea and all what’s in it. I’ve been doing that for a month on a small island close to Borneo, restoring and creating artificial coral reefs. (scubadiving is one of my favourite hobby’s)
3) Who are your models in doing Sales; can you name some “gurus”, maybe even globally?
1. Simon Sinek. Famous for his vision on ‘why’, golden circle ‘why, how, what‘. (also great for your personal life)
2. Jim Collins. Famous for his bestseller: “Good to Great!“
3. Of course Napoleon Hill: “ Think and grow rich”. Everybody should read that and find out what the meaning of ‘rich’ is.
4) You are travelling a lot for work, what is your most favourite location elsewhere and in particular in the Benelux countries?
Of course I’d love to say Prague. ? But, my last visit to you guys was so short, and was my first so I need to get a full experience with Prague first, I hope soon. In Benelux I like Bruges and all bigger cities near coast since I really love kitesurfing, the bigger the waves the better.
5) Who, from environment around you is helping most in your mission?
Oeh, tough one, to be honest, in my circle of friends and family I am the only one that’s thinking about the environment. But I’d say my girlfriend Nikki, she has no clue what I’m doing (she’s a surgeon) but she’s always willing to hear my stories (and pretend she understands) and she’s proud of the things I’ve achieved.