Greenbuddies Tips – November 2021

Source: Unsplash

Team building trip in Bari and surroundings

Despite the harsh year due to the pandemic, thanks to a consistent and constant commitment we succeed in delivering new projects and also providing turnkey solutions to our clients. As a result, we even reported a YoY growth of 20%.

All this hard work paid off and we definitely deserved a break and a reward for these great achievements. So, our teams in Prague and Eindhoven joined a 4-day team building trip in Bari and surroundings. We can state that Italy is an indisputable jewel of Europe, so we all agreed about the location.

The first day in Bari, instead of the traditional sightseeing, we went for a bike tour along the promenade, even though it was 35 degrees Celsius. Luckily, we finished up on a beach, crowded as Italian beaches usually are in Summer, but it was definitely a chance to refresh ourselves with a chill Mediterranean breeze.

The following days, we decided to visit amazing locations nearby, such as Matera, Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Castel del Monte and Trani. Apart from the undeniable beauty of those places, we really loved dining as well as dancing and singing in the streets, sharing our happiness and relief for the lifted Covid restrictions along with the locals.
It was just a few days of fun and relax, but we gained Gigawatts of much needed energy for the upcoming year.

Greenbuddies participation at the trade fairs Solar Solutions and Intersolar

This autumn, Greenbuddies has participated, as usual, in the leading trade fairs focused on photovoltaics, i.e. the Dutch Solar Solutions and the German Intersolar, which were cancelled last year due to the global pandemic.

At the former, we even had an impressive stand in the central line installed, where meetings with our valued customers and suppliers took place from early morning until late afternoon. Our stand was Czech through and through, as we offered refreshments with a Czech imprint, traditional spa wafers and the famous Pilsner Urquell lager.

The Intersolar trade fair, held in Munich, followed immediately afterwards. We had several meetings planned with older acquaintances and new contacts. For all the participants, who remembered the events from past years, it was evident that they were above all glad that the trade fair is taking place at all and that meeting their business partners face to face is finally a possibility.

Looking back, we can evaluate our attendance at the trade fairs as successful, as we not only took away new contacts, but also strengthened existing relationships and gained new knowledge. The renewable energy industry is moving forward in leaps and bounds and cutting-edge technology is often already part of the mainstream at the following year’s event. We firmly believe that the pandemic situation will only get better and we look forward to the next editions.

Greenbuddies Charging services for Tritium with IONITY chargers 

Thanks to many years of expertise, the Greenbuddies Charging team supports our customers through all the stages of their energy storage projects: consulting, feasibility studies, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We have many strong partnerships with key players in the rapidly evolving PV and battery storage industry.

One of these partnerships is with Tritium, a company that has been designing and manufacturing proprietary hardware and software for faster and reliable DC chargers since 2001. We have also partnered with IONITY, a joint venture by BMW Group, Mercedes Benz AG, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, founded in 2017.



The cooperation of Greenbuddies Charging and Tritium is on many levels. Not only do we repair charging stations and provide them with a full service, but we also carry out complete replacements. The charging stations and technology are provided by Tritium, the testing phase of replacements is then carried out by Tritium and IONITY technicians in cooperation with Greenbuddies Charging on-site technicians. We have been providing full service for many charging stations in Germany and Czech Republic and last month, we expanded our operations to Poland, where the Greenbuddies Charging team has already carried out repairs on stations in two locations, Kazsewy Kóscielne and Świecko.