Greenbuddies Tips – June 2022

Greenbuddies open a new market in Croatia with 1.5MWp installation

Our Greenbuddies team has completed the first project lined up for this year in cooperation with our client E.On Hrvatska.

This pilot project in our newly opened market is situated in the Osijek-Baranja County, in inland Croatia on the site of a sunflower oil production plant. Our team was responsible for the mechanical completion of substructures, PV module placement and the complete DC installation, along with the laying of AC cables. This project is a complex combination of rooftop and ground mounted PV of a total capacity of 1.5 MWp.

Newly finished rooftop and freefield project in Croatia

Altogether, 2278 panels were installed on three separate rooftops and a total of 3900 panels on three spaces on the ground. A total of 18 inverters were installed. Our Greenbuddies team has proven again that we are the “Unstoppables”, as a fixed deadline was set and fulfilled.

At the moment, our team has started work on another site in this region in the East of Croatia, this time on a 10 MWp freefield project and more are in the preparation phase.

Solar carports – the future of clean energy

With the rising demand for electric cars and charging infrastructure, the interest in generating solar power is also increasing. Photovoltaic power plants built on the roofs of large car parks are called carports and are the most efficient form of generating renewable electricity for this purpose.

Due to the energy prices rising as well as subsidiary possibilities concerning the Green Deal, many investors are planning new ground-mounted parks. Moreover, investors are planning projects on the roofs of industrial buildings, unconventional solar installations on water, and carports. All these innovative ideas are addressed in this post.

Types of carports used in Lutzmannsburg project, Source:

With the European Union announcing plans to end the sale of cars that run on fossil fuels by 2035, an increasing number of car companies intend to start producing electric cars in the upcoming years, if they are not already doing so. However, cars running on electricity currently face criticism for the fact that their fuel is produced in thermal power stations or nuclear reactors, which emit harmful substances into the air.

Non the less, multiple solar energy providers claim that solar panels on the roof of a garage produce enough electricity for a car to travel 12,000 kilometres a year on solar power. This more cost-efficient way of producing energy can start paying for itself after a period equivalent to the 50th to 60th fill-up of a tank of petrol.

According to advocates of renewable energy sources that could power electric cars, other price developments argue for energy generated from the wind and the sun. While fuels such as petroleum are likely to become more expensive, the cost of solar panels and renewable energy generation, in general, is reducing. This also means that carports are being built and complemented by EV charging stations by a variety of companies. This is for the use of generating power for their company fleets of electric cars as well as sheltered parking spaces near supermarkets for the use of their customers.

Among the manufacturers and producers of carports, we should mention Adiwatt, BAYO.S, Borabela, Pradecon, TreeSystem or Hartig Wenzel from Elsenfeld, Germany, with whom our Greenbuddies Charging team is currently actively cooperating on a Truckport project in the Central Bohemian region in the Czech Republic. 

Carports are also an integral part of another Greenbuddies Charging EPC project in Lutzmannburg, Austria. With a PV plant of 1.5 MWp, it is the largest carport project in Austria. The structures of the carports sheltering 454 parking spaces were supplied by PMT. Above are some photos of the progress and implementation of the work. 

The Greenbuddies team has also installed over 450 PV modules on carports situated on a parking lot of a supermarket near Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Q&A Session with Greenbuddies

Dear readers, 

the other day, I counted all our internal staff within the Greenbuddies group. We welcomed our 50th colleague at the turn of 2021/22, while today we are at 56 members. It is estimated that we will have 60 team members in both our Czech and Dutch offices by the end of this year.

It isn’t feasible to name each team member here, but let me introduce 3 of them:

Sales Buddy Jan Spudil – new addition to our Sales support team, he is entering his last year at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

Chief Consulting & Development Buddy Petr Štajner – high profile manager with 25 years of experience in infrastructure development in the energy and telecommunication industries

Chief Procurement Buddy Petr Janda – experienced procurement manager with many years procuring technical equipment for some of the largest companies in the Czech Republic

Read below to read their responses to our questionnaire!

Aleš Spáčil

Chief Sales Buddy

Jan Spudil

• As a part of the PV team, what sorts of trends do you see?

People began to realise very quickly that investing into solar energy is a good way to protect savings in times of high inflation, while offering a degree of independence from the volatility of the energy market.

• Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to work with Greenbuddies?

Vladimir Putin with his attack on Ukraine – it is crucial to get rid of the dependence on Russian gas in Europe.

• What would you tell someone who is thinking about building a PV plant?

I would tell them to build it, because the return on investment is favourable given current energy prices, and the more energy self-sufficient businesses and households there are, the better.

Petr Štajner

• What would you tell someone who is thinking about building a PV plant?

I would tell him to stop thinking and start the project immediately!

• If you could change one thing about the Solar Industry, what would it be?

All the approval and permit processes simply take too much time. Everyone would benefit from the acceleration.

• What do you think will change about the PV world over the next five years?

I’m not sure if this will really happen, but I would like to see a much stronger market position for European component and technology manufacturers.

• What do you do when you aren’t working?
Mainly travel and sport but I would like to do more ..

Petr Janda

• What has surprised you most about working with Greenbuddies?

I like, I would call it „Start-up culture“, that the company has in its roots. And the associated flexibility in issue solving. Any good idea for improvement is welcomed and it can be implemented in pragmatic way.

• If you weren’t in Greenbuddies, what would you be doing instead, or what would your life be like?

I would be probably working for some company in the financial sector. That was actually the reason why I joined Greenbuddies in mid of April. I wanted to try something new in the developing industry with a huge potential for growth in the future what the Solar segment definitely is.

• What do you do when you aren’t working?

I usually spend my leisure time in nature and playing tenis, swimming or riding a bike. In the winter I go skiing and snowboarding. I also like history, especially the history of the 20th century. However, I don’t have much free time lately:)..