Greenbuddies Tips – February 2023

Italian 25 MWp project successfully completed despite adverse weather

The Badia Polesine project, located on the outskirts of the Italian town of the same name, is a spectacular project by Greenbuddies that includes 45,000 solar panels with a capacity of 25 MW. The project was challenging to implement, not only because of its scale but also because of adverse weather conditions.

The project started at the end of September and from the beginning, the project had to deal with adverse weather conditions, including frequent rain and fog. These factors slowed the progress of the project and engineers had to deal with additional complications such as having to rotate the panels relative to each other to be connected.

Aerial view of the Badia Polesine project

Despite these challenges, the project was completed successfully thanks to the hard work and dedication of over 60 Greenbuddies staff. The electrical workers even worked over the Christmas holidays to complete the project on time.

For Greenbuddies, this project is an important step in opening up a new market in Italy. Greenbuddies is already working on 6 other projects in Italy which are in the pre-construction phase.

The Badia Polesine project shows that Greenbuddies is truly “Unstoppable” when it comes to building sustainable energy projects across the European Union.

Greenbuddies participate in the electrification of PPL CZ logistics centers

At the end of 2022, the Greenbuddies Charging teams once again collaborated with ChargeUp Services CZ, with whom the partnership was already established at the beginning of March 2022. After the pilot projects for installing charging stations at the branches of Komerční banka, our technicians are now involved in installing CIRCONTROL charging stations for the transport company PPL CZ.

The same type of Wall boxes as at Komerční banka branches on Wenceslas Square and in Stodůlky are installed at all PPL locations.

Circontrol charging stations at a PPL CZ site

The alternating charging stations supply energy via the on-board rectifier of the electric car to its battery. They use a standard mains voltage of 50 Hz, which is converted in the rectifier into a suitable DC charging current for the electric car battery. The size of the on-board rectifiers is determined by the limited space requirements and the possibility of cooling the waste heat generated during the charging process directly on board the car. This practically limits the maximum charging power from AC charging stations. Charging stations are produced in a range of power outputs, the most powerful of which reach peak charging outputs of 22 kW.

During December, these charging stations were installed by Greenbuddies Charging at the following locations of PPL CZ logistics centers: Jažlovice, Plzeň, Teplice, Úžice, Řeporyje and Karlovy Vary. The installed technology was supplied directly by the partner company ChargeUp Services CZ from the manufacturer Circontrol.

In 2023, Greenbuddies will install about 200 more charging stations at 70 locations of PPL CZ logistics centers across the Czech Republic.

Greenbuddies will equip Unipress printing press with a 250KWp rooftop PV

The decision to install 652 solar panels on its roof will contribute to greater energy self-sufficiency and energy savings for the Unipress printing press in Turnov. The installation of this full scope EPC project is currently undergoing with Greenbuddies teams on site.

The solar plant will produce 250 MWh per year, which is almost a third of the printer’s annual energy consumption. At a price of 416 EUR per MWh, the move represents a saving of 100 000 EUR for Unipress in the first year of operation. The Turnov printing plant thus boasts not only the latest printing technologies, but also an environmentally friendly approach.

Printing equipment in Unipress Turnov

“We are now happy to capitalize on our rich foreign experience from similar projects in the Czech Republic. Places such as rooftops or unused brownfield sites are ideal areas for companies to install a photovoltaic power plant and thus ensure partial energy independence. In the Unipress solar power plant project, we provided a complete turnkey solution so that the client had no worries. The project documentation phase, all permits, and component purchases have been completed, and now the construction begins, followed by the commissioning of the delivered technology,” says Aleš Spáčil, Chief Sales Buddy and co-founder of Greenbuddies, about the project.

David Svoboda, director of Unipress Turnov printers, adds: “We expect the return on the entire investment within a few years, depending on the economic situation. In addition, the energy generated will come purely from renewable sources. With an annual consumption of 818 MWh, the solar panels will save Unipress 30% of its total consumption. We already believe that the project will help us to be more competitive, more efficient and, above all, more environmentally friendly.”