Greenbuddies tips – February 2020

Roof projects arrived from Solar Solutions 2019


​​​​​​​As the Solar Solutions 2020 is just approaching we are keen to say that this event is worthwhile: last year we had a small and simple stand at the ”outskirts” of the exhibition hall. But the effect was remarkable. Within this time we have met most of the important people from Dutch Solar milieu and made a lot of business acquaintances.
One of the most important business friendships based on Solar Solutions became a connection to a strong Dutch PV company Zonel Energy, which is on the market since 2011. Zonel Energy is an EPC player of a strong calibre and requested us to construct 2 PV projects on large roofs – 2,7 MW and 1,7 MW and plenty of small and mid size projects within one year. We have done everything to delight our clients client (the end-investors) and we are convinced that it worked well.
Both the two largest project are based on Sunbeam substructure and we had in peak 45 staff working on it. For vertical transport we operated mobile crane which was driven along the side of the building to shorten the time needed for handling of the material on the roof. The biggest advantage was that both the roofs were designed and constructed with a view of future rooftop PV – the area on the roof was free of obstacles and shadowing objects. The components were coming (within a good industry standard) on time and an informal working relations with Zonel started to bring good results since the beginning. Therefore the time expectation was met and snag list was almost non-existing.

We are keen to continue partnering with Zonel and heading to bigger and more demanding projects in the future. Stay tuned please – we will talk about it.
This year we are having one of the biggest fair booths in the fair area; smartly designed and also promoting our other services including turnkey construction of EV charging infrastructure. See you there!



Also hate three-letter abbreviations? Here’s one you’d better like: V2G !

When we stepped into the world of EV charging one year ago we were certain there would be a lot of uncertainties like for any young industry segment. Very soon we realized that yet there is one sure thing – speed of technology evolution will be constantly increasing making it extremely difficult to follow all the advancements in various technology segments.
While working on one project in the Netherlands I came across the term „V2G“ or „vehicle to grid“ if you will. Charging technology which has been developped already some years ago but until recently it did not proliferate into practical applications that much.
What is it then?
Simply said „Vehicle to grid“ technology enables energy stored in electric vehicles to be fed back into the national electricity network to help supply energy at times of peak demand. It’s just one technological advancement in a plethora of new initiatives like ‘smart charging’ and ‘demand side response’ that are aimed at changing the way individuals, and businesses, use energy in the future. In short: the electric car revolution is tied into a whole new way of handling energy.

How can it benefit different stakeholders? We’re rushing towards a place where ‘two-way’ electric car chargers can enable homeowners with electric cars to sell their energy back to the national network. It’s a smart idea when you consider that over 90% of cars are parked at any one time – which is a lot of energy just sitting there doing nothing. This technology will give you the opportunity to manage your energy your way, and potentially become energy self-sufficient, reducing everyone’s reliance on energy companies. Get solar panels fitted, then adopt vehicle to grid technology and your home could easily become a private mini-power station. It also means that this modern technology may help EV owners to make money by selling at appropriate times energy back to energy suppliers. In addition, it helps to balance national elektricity network.
This all added up means that the increasing number of electric cars bolstered by innovative technologies may turn batteries of those vehicles into energy storage systems having positive impact for car owners in the form of potential revenues for sold elektricity as well as power suppliers and distributors in that it will help them to balance the grid. In final effect you may think of cleaner air, smarter homes, increase of energy self-sufficiency – all pretty exciting stuff, don’t you think?


Subcontractor Rozstav

Greenbuddies works long term with its subcontractors in a partnership mode and its success is based on narrow relations and mutual understanding of expectations. There is a subcontracting company with which we work the longest, with which we understand each other and on which we can always rely in quality, speed and flexibility. This is Rozstav, belonging and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Rozanek.

Q: Lubos, when did you start with PV?  In the course of 2009 I have built first PV project in Slovakia. Later when East Europe went down with the PV support we wanted to staz “in” and built number of smaller installations across Europe.In 2016 we have delivered a significant portion of a utility scale plant in Chile. Actually we returned there also for second time later. In that year Rozstav was established and we have started with mid size and larger projects. The real ramp up came after 2017 together with cooperation with Greenbuddies.
Q: What is the toughest issue you are facing?  The most demanding is communication with people and the amounts of administration with the employments. Imagine that I have to take care about 80 people. Fortunately a lot of this work is done by my wife who is strongly involved in the company operations. The worst problems at the construction sites are connected with the extreme weather. Usually we don’t claim “Force Majeure” even if the conditions are like that because we intend to deliver. But days and days with snow, mud and water are exhausting for my team

Q: What are the countries where you are most happy to work?  I really appreciate if I can work close to home; unfortunately for a stable PV environment in our country we still need to wait

Q: What do you do in your free time?  Me and my wife are fans of relaxing at the sea but we also like to travel and investigate various corners of the world; we love good food and nice people.

Thanks for your answers Luboš, and happy working!