Greenbuddies Tips – April 2022

Greenbuddies participate in the electrification of the service fleet in the banking sector

In March 2022, the Greenbuddies Charging team started working with ChargeUp Services CZ, which is the general charging infrastructure provider. This partnership was formed to electrify the service fleet of Komerční banka (KB) – a Czech member of the Société Général banking group as well as a leading banking institution in the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of 2022, KB, a.s. announced its strategic intent to have a quarter of its fleet of company cars fully electrified by the end of the year. Moreover, to have approved massive investments in the purchase of electric vehicles. Along with this, they expect to equip their branches and other facilities with a network of charging infrastructure to offer to their employees and clients. This investment is part of the extensive plan to become completely carbon neutral by 2026.

Detail of charging stations in Libohost

KB’s charging stations will be a combination of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging stations. The AC charging stations supply power via the onboard rectifier of the electric car to its battery. They use a standard mains voltage of 50 Hz, which is converted in the rectifier into a suitable DC charging current for the electric vehicle battery. The size of the onboard rectifiers is determined by the limited space requirements and the possibility of cooling the waste heat that is generated during the charging process directly on board the car. Practically speaking, this limits the maximum charging power of AC charging stations. Moreover, charging stations are available with various power outputs, the most powerful ones being those that reach peak charging outputs of 22 kW. Subsequently, it was the installation of these peak stations with the highest available charging power that Greenbuddies Charging carried out in March 2022 at two KB, Inc. facilities. Specifically, these are the KB branch at Václavské Náměstí 42 and the KB training centre in Libohošt’. The installation technology was directly supplied by the partner company ChargeUp Services, CZ from the manufacturer Circontrol.

Furthermore, alternating charging stations are the most commonly used type of charging infrastructure. However, it can take several hours to fully charge an electric vehicle via an AC charging station. Hence, KB, a.s. wants to offer its clients and employees maximum comfort in the form of fast recharging of the electric car battery. This entails that the battery can be recharged in a period of a few minutes to an hour via DC charging stations. This charging technology, which is available at some petrol stations on motorways, uses rectified energy to charge the electric car battery. This energy is then fed directly to the battery terminals via the electric car’s charging control circuitry.

Detail Circontrol wallbox, Source:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    EV Charging stations in Libohošť

The DC station rack provides all technical solutions for energy rectification, loss cooling, and other complex issues. The latter results in a complex device that is usually difficult to notice at charging points. Our Greenbuddies Charging team has a wealth of experience in the installation, maintenance, and preventive servicing of DC charging stations. This includes and is actualised through regular long-term cooperation with DC charging station manufacturer Tritium. The latter is one of the exclusive suppliers of Ionity’s pan-European charging network technology.

A total of 24 Circontrol eNext Park T 22k W AC charging stations were installed at the two KB, a.s. locations. During the first stage of construction, preparations were made for the installation of two Circontrol Raption 50 kW DC stations. These will be added in the second phase of construction. We are very pleased to be part of this major innovative project primarily aimed at reducing emissions and striving for carbon neutrality in automotive traffic.


Ikaros Solar – new Greenbuddies customer

In this newsletter, we would like to announce the good cooperation with a new and promising customer: Ikaros Solar.

With this Pan-European EPC giant, we started to discuss the installation activities of a 3 MWp ground-mounted solar park in a weird location in the Netherlands some months ago. As Greenbuddies we like weird locations as we are proud to be named ‘the Unstoppables’.

The location itself (South of Rotterdam) is between a few highways and the HSL (train to Paris) and is partly flat and partly sloped and has a quite soft underground structure. Nothing is standard here. The pictures show some of the works.

In the sales department, we recognize that the cooperation is moving forward positively as the number of RfQs from Ikaros is increasing rapidly.
We trust we can report much more on this promising customer in the near future.

  Detail of the terraine                                                                                                                                                                                 Site of the future PV plant near Rotterdam, NL

Solar projects and subsidy calls in the Czech Republic

The solar energy sector in the Czech Republic has seen dynamic development in recent months.

Greenbuddies Consulting offers its customers in the Czech Republic a complete portfolio of services in the preparatory and design phase – from the framework design of the PV plant to the processing of the connection application as well as the project documentation for the building permit. Moreover, an important part of the services is the processing of the application for the relevant subsidy and the provision of the necessary formalities. The construction of the approved projects is subsequently handled by Greenbuddies or Greenbuddies Charging.

An NPO subsidy request for a rooftop PV up to 1 MW is currently underway, and other calls for rooftop PV, support for electromobility and charging stations are expected to be announced. The expected RES+ subsidy will be dedicated to large solar projects. Looking at the bigger picture, the support that these subsidies will offer ranges from 35% to 50% of the relevant costs.

Ilustrative picture, Source: Unsplash

HDSolar cooperation with Greenbuddies continues

In the Solar Roofing sector, we focus primarily on C&I roofs from roughly 1000 panels and more, where we have shown and proved our competitiveness.

One of the successful instances we would like to highlight in this newsletter is the cooperation with HDSolar. Last year, we installed a roof consisting of 0.5 MWp in Helmond for HDSolar. Furthermore, concerning the same company, a 1.1 MWp roof was installed in Valkenswaard (See picture). We are also pleased to mention that this month as well as next month, two more roofs of 0.5 MWp will be placed in Eindhoven and Panningen.

Concerning the roof installation in Valkenswaard, it was our first time working with a team originating from Ukraine. We would like to mention this because the cooperation we experienced with them was very pleasant and insightful. Furthermore, due to the devastating situation in that region, we are doing our best to make sure that these team members and their families are doing all right to the point that is possible for them.

Greenbuddies building a rooftop PV plant in Valkenswaard

The implementation of these installations was primarily without issues, but we noticed the reoccurring issue that each customer has a different idea of how to solve the issues with induction loops. Therefore, it is always necessary to not only clarify goals and desired results at the beginning of the project but also to test out and provide an example in a small form. This is to have the accuracy of the implementation confirmed and thus avoid the need to unnecessarily rework the already-completed parts of the PV plant due to client dissatisfaction.

In reflection, this was a good example of positive teamwork where pro-active communication with our clients is shown to be of great importance.