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Greenbuddies Charging is an EV charging infrastructure company within Greenbuddies Group which is focusing on deployment of EV charging stations predominantly in Western Europe.

Greenbuddies Charging is a trade and project management vehicle that has gathered over the past 2 years a considerable fleet of professionals and business partners in a wide range of disciplines required to deliver either a complete EV Charging solution or its selected parts to business clients. Our target markets at the moment are developed EU countries that are „e-mobility-hungry“: Germany, Benelux, France, Scandinavia, Austria, Hungary and other countries in Western Europe.


Ondřej Vodsloň
Aleš Spáčil
Aleš Damm
Venture Club Charging s.r.o.
Contract address:Mendíků 1396/9,
140 00 Praha 4
Registration date:10th April 2019
ID:080 74 801
Legal form:Limited liability company
Registered capital:CZK 30 000
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We are able to develop a complete technical solution including delivery of EV chargers, energy storage, PV modules, CarPort structures and related interconnection infrastructure

Project Management

We employ experienced site and project managers who are in charge of coordinating all civil and electrical works to minimize costs and time while maintaining high quality standards


We are at your disposal to deliver all required technology elements or implement – as the need might be – your own solutions

Civil Works

Greenbuddies Charging will take care of your civil works requirements; all necessary local permits, however, will need to be handled either by the customer or a competent local partner would need to be involved

Technology Installation and Commissioning

Our engineering crews are prepared to install selected technology solution, configure, commission and test the equipment as well as train your teams on operations and servicing interventions

Mounting of Structures and PV Modules

Solar technology is in Greenbuddies DNA, therefore we shall gladly design and install an adequate rooftop solar system to supply carbon free power into your chargers and/or energy storage box

Electrical Works

Our certified electrician teams will wire up all individual subsystems for seamless performance of the entire solution and interconnect your charging point to the grid if required

Service & Maintenance

On top of all offered products and services we provide warranty and post-warranty repairs; we also conduct regular checks and revisions prescribed by respective manufacturers

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„We provide a unique blend of technical and project management skills, know-how and hands-on experience essential for successful rollout of EV charging infrastructure in Europe.“

Selected References

We focus primarily on mature EV charging markets in Western Europe and continuously assess opportunities emerging in other regions. Presented herewith are selected references from our domestic markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.