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MANAGING DIRECTORSWe believe in a long-term partnership

GB Finance & Delivery
Ondřej Vodsloň
Ondřej Vodsloň

Ondřej used to work for a long period of time for Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente, SA.

He established a branch in the Czech Republic and served also as a MD („procurist“) of the company for Germany with the overall responsibility for operations.

He is an expert on Italian and Spanish speaking markets and since 2015 he worked on construction projects for clients, including Chile and Germany.

In Greenbuddies he is responsible for
Finance & Delivery.

GB Charging
Aleš Damm
Aleš Damm

Aleš Damm has been working since 2004 for nearly 10 years in various managerial positions for Czech national utility company ČEZ both in Czechia and abroad. He took active part in post-merger managament and transformation activities of ČEZ subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria.

Later he served in Prague as the CEO of Engie Services, shortly as CCO of Rittal and most lately in senior positions in solar energy business in the Czech Republic.

In Greenbuddies he is responsible for Greenbuddies Charging, s.r.o. which means E-mobility and EV charging line of business.

GB PV Solution
Aleš Spáčil
Aleš Spáčil

Aleš Spáčil used to work for several years for Conergy, global player in renewable energy sources, initially as managing director of Conergy Eastern Europe, and later as Director of International Business Development, based in Italy.

In 2013 he returned to Prague, to work for different individual investors in PV on construction in Kazakhstan, Turkey, UK etc.

He also chaired Czech PV Association in 2010.

In Greenbuddies he is responsible for Sales & Client satisfaction.

GB Consulting & Development
Petr Štajner
Petr Štajner

Petr has over 25 years of experience in infrastructure development, telecommunications, and the energy industry, with over 20 years of experience in senior management roles. His key areas of expertise include Strategy Planning, Project Management, Product Development, Service Delivery, Process Management and Team Building. Petr used to work for global companies like Vodafone, O2 or T-Mobile. In Greenbuddies he is responsible for Development and Consulting.


Head of Sales Support
Tomáš Jelen
Head of Sales Support

Tomáš is passionate about seeking innovative solutions to complex problems. He believes that today’s world needs creativity in searching for the best way forward in any area of human activity.

He has a sound background in power engineering in Czech Transmission system operator (CEPS) and later over 12 years in various positions in ComAp, a Czech company who is a global leader in automation of combustion engine-driven generator sets. In ComAp he has grown his experience through various positions from purely technical ones like technical support, through strategic marketing to positions in management.

He is eager to utilize his skills and competence as the Head of sales support in Greenbuddies Charging, which he joined in 2021.

Managing Director BENELUX
Jos Schlangen
Managing Director BENELUX

Jos has started his career in 1987 with Shell working in research and engineering of the completely unknown world of photovoltaics. This inspiring new technology was opening up many opportunities, leading to dynamics in project management and sales jobs worldwide. When Shell decided to leave (temporarily) the solar business in 2006, Jos moved further with Siemens developing and building large ground-based PV-projects mostly in Southern Europe and the Middle East. As the world market was further developing Jos was sailing along on the waves of various countries including Asia and Africa. Since 2015 the market in his home country the Netherlands is giving a solid base not having to live out of a suitcase anymore. With mainly TPSolar Jos has been able to bring in his experience to add value to the energy transition. In the upcoming decade the story moves on with Greenbuddies. As Solar is already the most cost-effective energy source, the utilization can only increase, so plenty of work and never a dull moment.
Jos is married with Marjolein, has 3 sons and 2 grand-sons, still likes to travel, and playing tennis and chess. He holds a master degree in Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Sales support
Dan Štajner
Sales support

After doing Erasmus at RWTH Aachen, where I spent 1 year, I got back to my alma mater, Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU Prague. My bachelor thesis addressed Smart grid technologies, thus, when I was offered to join Greenbuddies I snatched the opportunity without a second thought.

At Greenbuddies I deal mostly with quote preparation within the Sales Support team.

Sales support
Václav Cubínek
Sales support

Since I am studying at Skoda Auto University I developed an interest in Electromobility and renewable energy. This hobby and passion came across to my work career and when I got the opportunity to join Greenbuddies Charging I did not think about it twice. I just took the opportunity.

At Greenbuddies I am responsible among others for creating and developing price offers regarding Electromobility.

Project management & deliveryOnly well staffed, ballanced and skilled teams
make our company strong

Head of Project Management & Delivery
Marcel Hrubý
Head of Project Management & Delivery

I studied electrical engineering and management. After my graduation I spent 10 years working in the field of industrial automation. This experience helped me to master Project Management to the level of „German“ precision and reliability expectations. Because of my passion for solar energy I was given the opportunity to manage the first entirely Czech 3 MW PV solar power plant at Cuz Cuz in Chile. Having spent 6 years in Latin America I accepted the challenge of leading Project Management department at Greenbuddies. I focus predominantly on innovative (1500 V DC, SolarEdge) PVP projects in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. I speak English and Latin Spanish.

Project manager
Honza Krony
Project manager

After my graduation from the Czech Technical University in Prague, I had an opportunity to further develop my skills through a number of internships in various countries across the world. I completed Erasmus study program in Germany and Spain.

At Greenbuddies I manage projects primarily in German-speaking countries and at the same time I carry out calculations of electric parts. I speak German, English and Spanish.

Project manager
Martin Berka
Project manager

I studied Applied Ecology in Prague and after my graduation I completed a fellowship as a Project Manager in Germany. Afterward I also studied Project Management in Sydney, Australia. I used to work as a Project Planner for water construction and also as a Project Manager in the field of temporary buildings.

In Greenbuddies I am responsible mainly for projects in Germany. I speak English and German.

Project manager
Michal Boška
Project manager

Michal graduated from the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. After school, he wandered around the world and gained life experiences.

He gained work experience on steam turbine construction and assembly projects around the world, where he worked as a construction manager and project manager. Here he had the opportunity to work with large teams of people from various disciplines. For the last 3 years he has been involved in the development and construction of photovoltaic parks in Hungary.

Ranks of Greenbuddies enlarge in June 2021.

Project Manager
Andrey Reifschneider
Project Manager

After successfully completing his training as a banker in 2003, he switched to the agricultural machinery business, where he worked for 17 years, partly also independently. During this time he was able to gain a lot of experience in all kinds of business areas. He started as an export clerk in a German based company until he finally decided to become self-employed in 2006. 

Since he was very interested in the topic of renewable energy and electric mobility, he joined Greenbuddies Charging in March 2021. As a manager for purchasing he is responsible for different product groups, mainly chargers and carports, as well as services of subcontractors for projects. Likewise, he likes to support project managers in German-speaking countries.

He speaks German, English, Czech and Russian.

Product Manager
Marc Sottana
Product Manager

I studied economics and web marketing. I’m also found of technology and history.
After graduation I worked for 5 years as a web project manager for a software company based in the United States.
This experience allowed me to acquire some solid technical and marketing skills which were very useful for me to start my own solar business.
For the next 12 years, I focused on the design and sale of bespoke off-grid solar systems for the French B2C and B2B markets.
In 2018, I moved permanently to the Czech Republic and joined an EPC company in Prague.
I oversaw analyzing hybrid electric systems and I learned the best practices of engineering to build a photovoltaic power plant.

I joined Greenbuddies since September 2020 as a Site manager to help the company build a 15.6 MWp photovoltaic plant in France.
I am now in charge of PV + Storage solutions as a Product manager and always available to coordinate French projects.
I speak French, Spanish and English.

Project Manager
Pavel Vycpálek
Project Manager

I studied at the secondary industrial school in Kutná Hora.
After graduation I worked for 2,5 years in the ČKD Polovodiče plant in Benešov and then for 29 years in the automotive industry in BCS-AIS Benešov (formerly ZF TRW, TRW) in various positions.
Last 15 years as a customer service specialist for Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche.

In 2021 I expanded the company Greenbuddies to the position of project manager for projects in Austria and Germany.

I speak German, English and some Russian.

BACKOFFICE TEAMGood Support is helping us to meet or exceed customer expectations

Legal Support
Bohumil Poláček
Legal Support

Bohumil has been gaining experience in law practice since 2016, when he started working at a renowned Prague law firm during his studies at the Faculty of Law at the Charles University. Now, as a member of the Černohorský Túryová Law Firm team, he provides  all-round legal support to the entire Greenbuddies group since the beginning of 2021.

Team assistant
Veronika Podroužková
Team assistant

I graduated from the Agriculture University in Prague and then worked for instance as a marketing and PR manager. 

I joined Greenbuddies in October 2018 with responsibility for running the office. It is very exciting to be part of a growing business where all members are expected to contribute to the final success of the whole team.

Administration Assistant
Darina Heczko
Administration Assistant

During my studies at Anglo-American University in Prague, I became passionate about ecological solutions.

At Greenbuddies Charging I work as Administration Assistant, wherein I can combine both: my gained knowledge from the University and my interest in ecology.

Junior Purchaser
Jiří Švec
Junior Purchaser

I studied Economy and Management of Chemical and Food Industries in Pardubice. The main part of my working career was in construction companies on position Quality control and claims specialist. In photovoltaic energy I find big potential for the future all of us.

In my position Junior purchaser I am mainly responsible for machinery, material and operational support our project managers.

DevelopmentOnly well staffed, ballanced and skilled teams
make our company strong

Manager of Development
Kristýna Grebíková
Manager of Development

I studied economics and management at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. I spend 1 year on Erasmus at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. After my studies I worked for several years in Santiago de Chile in mining industry. After this great experience I was sent to Chile again as Development manager for PV projects. I have joined Greenbuddies in July 2020 as Project development manager, who is managing our own PV projects development in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I speak Spanish and English.

Project Development Support
Dominika Danišová
Project Development Support

After one year spent living and working in London, I started studying Geography and Cartography at Charles University in Prague. After graduation, I moved to England again, where I completed my Erasmus study program at the University of Sheffield. For my postgraduate study, I have chosen the master’s study program Landscape and Society, which represents the intersection of scientific, technical, and social disciplines. As Renewable Energy is one of the main focuses within the Landscape-Society problematics, I took the opportunity to work in this field.

At Greenbuddies I am responsible for development of the new PV projects in the Czech Republic along with our development team.

Average staff deployed 2017 – 2021

Currently we have several indepen dently managed teams which can work at up to 20 different sites without clients supervisorion or management. During 2019 we ramped the teams up to 250 members.

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Since April 2018 we have decided to enhance and formalize the Quality Management System to align it with our understanding of the importance of Quality in all our processes.

The introduction of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System underlines our commitment to:

a) demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer needs and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements,

b) enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Greenbuddies, s.r.o. was successfully ISO certified in October 2018

ISO 45001 is the new ISO standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S). It has become one of the most eagerly awaited standards in the world, and is set to drastically improve levels of workplace safety.

K. Glaesel and C. Corrie, Convertor & Secretary of ISO/PC 283 said: „ISO 45001 is a milestone! As the world’s first International Standard dealing with health and safety at work, ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, offers a single, clear framework for all organizations wishing to improve their OH&S performance. Directed at the top management of an organization, it aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees and visitors. To achieve this, it is crucial to control all factors that might result in illness, injury, and in extreme cases death, by mitigating adverse effects on the physical, mental and cognitive condition of a person – and ISO 45001 covers all of those aspects.“

Greenbuddies, s.r.o. was successfully ISO certified 1st of February 2021.


Reference to the online official Commercial Register of the Czech Republic:
Legal form

Limited liability company, similar to GmBH in Germany and BV in The Netherlands
(„Společnost s ručením omezeným“ or s.r.o. in CZ)

Registered Name

Greenbuddies, s.r.o. | GB
Greenbuddies Consulting, s.r.o. | GB CO
Greenbuddies Charging, s.r.o. | GB CH
Greenbuddies Development, s.r.o. | GB DEV
Greenbuddies Energy BV | GB EN

Legal Address

Mendíků 1396/9, Praha 4, 140 00, Czech Republic

Schimmelt 2 -16, 5611 ZX Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Managing Directors

Aleš Spáčil +420 777 770 176
Aleš Damm ‭+420 732 442 333‬
Ondřej Vodsloň +420 732 437 955

Greenbuddies Energy BV:

Greenbuddies Development, s.r.o. – represented by Aleš Spáčil
+420 777 770 176
SonDaloy BV  – represented by – Jos Schlangen +31 6 294 791 03

Registered at

File no. C 270370 at Municipality court of Prague | GB
File no. C 307398 at Municipality court of Prague | GB CO
File no. C 312565 at Municipality court of Prague | GB CH
File no. C 312565 at Municipality court of Prague | GB DEV
the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven | GB EN

ID / Tax ID

05766044 / CZ05766044 | GB
07854765/ CZ07854765 | GB CO
08074801 / CZ08074801 | GB CH
09337211 / CZ09337211 | GB DEV
81253230 / NL862019114B01 | GB EN